I don’t require gifts or tips – your presence at our session is present enough! When we spend time together, the most generous thing you can do is be on time and well-mannered.

However, I also recognise that some clients enjoy gifting their companions. Or, if you’re an online follower, you may wish to make yourself known from afar.

Here are a few things that will put a smile on my face..

How to gift

If we have a booking planned, anything from this list will be a welcome surprise on the night! If you’re sending your gift via post, please contact me for my post office box details…or contribute using Beem (username: @Georgie_Wolf). Don’t forget to specify which item you’re donating towards…and please include your email address if you’d like a ‘thank-you’.

our first date

Looking for something we can share together? Wine, whiskey or chocolates are always a safe bet!

special occasion

Want to make our night together truly special?


I’d be delighted to model this lingerie for you in person…or send you a few sexy snaps!

sport & swim

I love swimming, running, lifting and Thai kickboxing. You can expect some gym or beach selfies if you gift me anything from this list – don’t forget to email me and let me know!