Frequently asked questions

Want to know more? Here are some answers to the most common questions I’m asked by clients.

Email is preferred (but don’t forget to include your mobile number when you get in touch, for security purposes). For best results, please contact me at least 24-48 hours before your proposed date (but more notice is better!)

I don’t generally accept last-minute bookings. I require a day or two’s notice, and prefer even more. That way, we can spend some time planning our get-together without feeling rushed or stressed.

For security reasons, I don’t usually visit private residences. For outcalls (where I travel to visit you) you’ll need to provide the name of a hotel or serviced apartment where we can meet. Please note that there are exceptions – if you have a disability and a hotel isn’t practical, I may be able to arrange to meet you at home.

I sure do! Tour dates are posted at the top of the Booking page on this website. If you don’t see a tour posted, you’re also welcome to request a ‘fly me to you’ (FMTY). I travel all over Australia on request, for sessions two hours or longer in length. Additional travel fees may apply.

When you book, you’ll be required to send a deposit – a percentage of the session fee paid up-front. This allows me to feel confident that you’re committed to showing up on the day. Deposits are non-refundable, but may be used for future bookings under certain circumstances. Let’s take a look at a few scenarios:

  • If you cancel with more than 24 hours’ notice, your deposit can be used for a future booking with me.
  • If you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice, you will lose your booking fee (and any other fees paid). 
  • If your deposit has already been spent on flights or  accommodation (for incalls, tours or FMTY bookings) then no refund can be given, regardless of how far in advance you cancel or reschedule.

Please be mindful of this policy when booking, and make sure you’re fully committed before we arrange a date together.

I welcome requests and I’m open to a range of adventurous bedroom activities. Please include your ask as part of your booking request (with your name, the day and time you’d like to meet, and the booking length included in the message). 

Requesting a specific activity isn’t about dirty talk, or sharing involved descriptions of the fantasy you have in mind. It’s just about saying, ‘Are you open to X?’ We can work out the finer details later, once your session is arranged.

If I do refuse a particular request, please don’t take it personally. Everyone likes different things, and sometimes a client’s kinks and mine simply aren’t compatible. If possible, I will make recommendations as to other escorts you might like to ask.

Curious about the requests I commonly receive? You can learn more here.

There are a huge range of things I enjoy, both in and out of the bedroom.

I love fine dining, deep-and-meaningful chats while walking through the park, and intimate coffee dates (don’t forget to check out my social rates!)

With lovers, I enjoy passionate kissing, assuming your oral hygiene is on point. Slow touching, erotic massage and a bit of teasing are some of my favourite activities.  I’m also a big fan of tantric sex games such as the two-minute game – perhaps I could show you how?

My biggest kink is introducing my clients to new adventures. So, whether you’re experimenting with sensory play, trying a threesome for the first time, or simply new to the idea of seeing an escort, I’d be delighted to guide you.

Sure, there’s plenty of stuff I don’t do! Like every escort (and every person) I have boundaries and preferences that need to be respected. But it’s not a matter of having a list of things to avoid – rather, you’ll need to trust me to communicate with you in the moment to let you know what I do and don’t enjoy.

As a generality, I don’t offer uncovered services such as natural oral or sex without a condom. I’m not into giving or receiving butt play (anal, pegging, etc). And, of course, there are some kinds of specialised kink play that are best explored with an experienced pro domme or fetish escort. Apart from these, please feel free to ask if there’s a specific activity you’re hoping for.

When we meet for a play session, I will provide all our safer sex equipment, including condoms. I also have dental dams and gloves if you wish to use them. The only things you need to bring are yourself (appropriately showered and dressed, of course) and the fee in cash (preferably in an envelope).

Want to contribute something that can make our meeting even more special? I’d be happy to share a bottle of wine (red or sparkling) and I’m a sucker for dark chocolate! Please make sure any alcohol you bring for us to share is unopened. And please do now that although tips, snacks and gifts are always appreciated if you enjoy giving them, they are absolutely not expected. 

Please don’t bring costumes or toys for our use unless you’ve checked in with me first. Although I’m happy to accommodate you, it’s best to make sure you choose something we’ll both enjoy.

When booking, you’ll be requested to pay a deposit via Beem or bank transfer.

When we meet, payment is generally required in cash. I don’t offer credit card facilities. Please hand me your cash fee in an envelope at the very start of our session.

Once we’ve seen each other at least once, you’re also welcome  to pay your entire session fee ahead of time, by Beem or bank transfer. Unfortunately, this option isn’t possible for first-time clients.

Please read this article for an overview of a typical escort session.

But also, be aware that there’s no such thing as a typical date! Our time together will absolutely depend on your needs and interests. If it’s a social date, we may spend some time talking and flirting over a coffee…or, in a more intimate setting, we’ll get to know each other before moving things to the bedroom. If you’ve asked for a specific scenario or service, I’ll craft a session for you around your request.

I don’t currently have a list of services. I enjoy all kinds of activities, from the sexy stuff through to simply cuddling or watching a movie in bed together. If there’s a specific activity you’d really like to try, mention it when you book and I’ll make it happen for you. Otherwise, a lot of fun can be had when we simply ‘go with the flow’ and do what feels right in the moment.

If you have a long list of activities you’d like to try, I recommend asking for one or two things at a time. Being overwhelmed with activities can make our time together feel forced and awkward. Read this article to find out why micromanaging your session is a bad idea.

I sure do! Safer sex is super important to me – both for my health, and the wellbeing of my clients. My safer sex standard is that condoms be used for intercourse and for giving head. I also have dental dams, if you’d like to use a barrier when going down on me.

As a sex professional, I consider our fee to be more than enough payment for our time together. I don’t expect tips or gifts. However, I understand that for some clients, giving is an enjoyable part of the experience.

If you like giving gifts to your workers, I welcome something we can share together, such as a bottle of wine (red or sparkling) or chocolates. In the past, I have also been gifted more expensive items such as dresses and lingerie…but please check in with me first! Click here to view my wishlist.

Honestly, the best gift you can give me is the effort you make to be well-presented, punctual, and attentive in the bedroom. Doing so will guarantee an enjoyable session for both of us.

A genuine pansexual, I love spending time with clients of all genders.

I absolutely love seeing male/female and female/female couples. Introducing couples to their first threesome is one of my favourite activities! Or, if you’re more experienced, I’m happy to explore with you. Many couples are afraid to book a sex worker because they’re older or new to open relationships. I’d like to assure you that all couples are welcome! 

Unfortunately, for safety reasons, I’m unable to see male/male couples. If you’re a guy/guy couple looking to explore, you may wish to book both myself and another worker at the same time – I’d be happy to assist with arranging this kind of session.

If you’re trans, you’re very welcome to contact me for a session. I’m super comfortable with both cis and trans folk!

Please don’t feel any obligation to disclose your cis/trans status when booking – but if you do disclose, I’d be happy to chat with you about where you do/don’t like to be touched, what sort of activities you enjoy, and the pronouns and language that’s right for you. We all have specific preferences and boundaries!