Your $400 February Playdate Special


Sessions with Georgie…any day in February, 1 hour for $400.

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I’m always talking about the importance of connection. 

Coffee dates, social dates, whiskey at Eau De Vie, sneaky hand-holding during movies, long chats over wine in your hotel room…however you do it, making an emotional and intellectual connection is a surefire way to have great sex. As an escort, it’s my job to lead you down that path, using whatever time we have available to open up to each other. I’ve always encouraged my clients to book for longer dates, so that we have a chance to become friends. 

But not everyone has the time or the money to invest in longer bookings. I know that some of my clients – usually the ones I like the most – struggle to see me often because it’s such a big investment. And I can’t help but wonder who else is our there, that might be wanting to meet up but can’t save up the cash, or afford a hotel room, or spare an entire evening. 

So in February 2019, I’m going to do things a little differently. For one month only I’ll be offering hour-long bookings at a discounted rate, in a licensed Melbourne CBD location. If you’ve always wanted to meet me but haven’t been able, now’s the time!

  • $400 for a one-hour play session
  • Meet at a discreet licensed venue (location TBA)
  • You MUST pre-book and pay a deposit, at least three working days beforehand
  • 9am-10pm, every day of the week until the 31st of February

How to book: email If you’re not sure how I like to be contacted, here’s my guide to making a great escort booking.

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