What’s your #1 escort question?

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There’s no such thing as a silly question.

This especially applies to the sex industry, where it’s almost impossible to find answers without actually booking an escort and asking them yourself. Luckily for you, I have a faster way. I’m collecting all your questions anonymously for all to read.

Why am I doing this? Because I think everyone should be able to ask for help. And because I want you all to understand that you’re not alone…that hundreds of people all over Australia see escorts, and that nobody has all the answers.

Whether your question is complicated, personal, important, or simply curious, it’s welcome here. Enter your query into the form below to get started!



Answered Questions

      1. How can I protect myself from STIs?
      2. What sort of personal conversation is okay to have with an escort?
      3. Are compliments from an escort genuine?
      4. I’m a virgin – is seeing an escort a good idea?
      5. How long should I wait for a response to my booking request?
      6. Is it rude to ask an escort to wear specific clothes?
      7. How do you handle pushy clients?
      8. Is is ok to have an inflatable penile implant?
      9. Do escorts hurt if they have too much sex?
      10. Will my regular escort be upset if I start seeing someone else?
      11. Do escorts give clients gifts on their birthdays?
      12. Do all touring escorts offer incalls?
      13. Which are the best hotels to book when meeting an escort?
      14. How do I find an independently-run brothel in Victoria?
      15. I want to buy some adult toys for my escort, can you tell me what sort of sex toys women are really interested in?
      16. As a escort when you are asked to celebrate a client’s birthday do you give him a small present / card, or just meet & do the normal booking?
      17. How do you feel about married clients? I mean, do you believe in monogamy? Also, are married clients different? Do you feel like they’re more needy, emotionally speaking?
      18. I’m 46 years old and the escort that has really caught my eye (not just the pics, but the intelligent, articulate and mature bio) describes herself as in her 20’s. So, am I a dirty perv trying desperately to grasp onto my distant youth? Should I be looking only for older escorts?
      19. What about beards? I’ve read about preparing to see your escort and being clean shaven. I have a marvellous beard, well-kept and groomed. How do escorts feel about them?
      20. What differences are there in the dynamic of being a ‘regular’ with a escort versus seeing a new escort for the first time? What positives do you see in each experience?
      21. Why do some escorts negatively view clients that genuinely enjoy giving pleasure, as just ego stroking? Judging by some of the disparaging comments on Twitter, one would think it’s a crime.
      22. I love my wife to the moon and back but menopause has completely depleted her of all libido. She has tried all sorts of medical interventions, but at the end of the day, her body says no. As you can imagine, I really miss sex. I have tried to raise the topic of my seeing an escort for just sex every now and then, but it was awkward and did not end where I had hoped. Is secretly seeing an escort while in a sexless relationship cheating?
      23. If a client feels that he has clicked with an escort and would like to talk about an ongoing arrangement, is it worth asking for some sort of discount or would that be considered as an insult for the escort?
      24. Is it possible to make escorts genuinely turned on? some of us don’t get off on our own enjoyment, we are way more excited by pleasing someone else…
      25. I am curious about what a new punter needs to provide for screening?
      26. If I bring flowers or a gift for an escort is that okay? I’ve noticed some ladies have wish lists on their web pages.
      27. How do I stop getting emotionally attached? I’m a lonely guy and will die alone and unloved, which makes me desperate for an attachment. A friend convinced me to hire an escort but I ended up getting emotionally attached with effectively a professional offering a service.
      28. I am interested to know if escorts date? How would I go about asking an escort out on a date? Do they expect high-end luxury dates or just romantic ones? I am not seeing any escorts so the “don’t date a client” rule doesn’t apply and I don’t care that she does escorting for work.
      29. I have been seeing a male escort for a few months now and I think I have fallen for him. He’s very kind and always professional, I think he might feel the same way. How do I tell him that I see him as more than just a companion?
      30. They say 60-70% of people have herpes..wouldn’t that mean close to 100% of escorts? Sounds like it’s passed through a skin to skin contact. Does an escort get tested for herpes and to your knowledge is it as risky as they portray?
      31. [insert question]
      32. If a escort gives you BBBJ what do you do when you have to cum? And if a ad says ‘safe play only’ does that mean they don’t do BBBJ?
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2 thoughts on “What’s your #1 escort question?”

  1. I’ve been seeing the same escort for almost two years. She is wonderful and I enjoy every moment spent with her. However my question is this :
    Typically, will an escort be upset or offended if a client raised the topic of seeing another provider?
    Seems a bit awkward to ask. Perhaps I’m overthinking.

    1. Hi wiley, thanks for your question! I’ve copied it to the answers page, and I’ll put a reply there for you shortly.. XX

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