What I’m writing this February

Hey, lovers! February 2023 is swiftly coming to an end (my goodness, are we already two months into the new year?) Here’s a quick overview of what I’ve been working on, both for the Satisfaction Project and for my other writing endeavours.

One of my latest cheeky photos…you’re welcome.

Blog edits and updates:

  • I’ve made a few updates to my interview with sex worker Cameron Hart, the one where he answered a reader’s question on how to become a male escort. It’s something I’m asked a lot, and although the reality check might seem a little harsh, I think it’s really necessary to make sure anyone who is considering entering the sex industry knows exactly how much work it is, and whether it’s likely to be profitable for them.
  • My blog about paying an escort has had a few minor updates too. It’s always good to refresh your knowledge of payment etiquette!
  • Have you ever wondered why escort service fees seem so high compared to other service-based businesses? Here are my thoughts on why we charge what we do.

I hope you’re all charging into the new year with optimism and some big plans for sexy adventures in the months to come. If you’d like to meet for a chat, some cuddles, or a bedroom adventure, please get in touch.