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Are you thinking of seeing an escort? Need the facts from someone you can trust? This quick course will have you knowing your stuff in no time: the who, why, where, and ‘how much?’ Read more…


Escort Basics

How to Have the Best Escort Date of Your Life

When it comes to ‘the world’s oldest profession’, it’s amazing what we DON’T know. Although escorting is commonplace (and legal) in most states of Australia, it’s hard to come by reliable information on the specifics: the who, what, when, why and (most importantly) the ‘how much?’

Your Escort Skills Toolbox

  • Upgrade Your Sex Life

    COMING SOON Why have good sex, when you can be having great sex? These skills will give you confidence and improve your sexual experience.

  • How to Get Adventurous

    COMING SOON Kink, threesomes, butt play, role play … learn how to have those ‘crazy’ adventures you’ve dreamed of, with confidence.

  • Advanced Clients’ Masterclass

    COMING SOON So, you’ve been seeing escorts for a while now?  Let’s deep dive into skills that will keep your escort experiences fresh and interesting.

  • A Couples’ Guide to Escorts

    COMING SOON Thinking about opening up your relationship? Let me guide you as you plan a rewarding encounter with a sex worker.


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