Advanced Clients' Masterclass


COMING SOON So, you’ve been seeing escorts for a while now?  Let’s deep dive into skills that will keep your escort experiences fresh and interesting.

So, you’ve been seeing escorts for a while now?  Let’s dive into some ideas that will keep your escort dates fresh and interesting.

I know I don’t need to tell you this, but I’ll say it anyway: being a long-term escort client is a completely different experience to being a cautious newcomer. You may have formed some rewarding long-term professional relationships. You may have increased your confidence. You may have learned – through trial and error – precisely what you appreciate in a partner. Now let’s take all that wisdom and use it to keep your experiences fresh and rewarding. We’re going to go deep – deep into the emotional joyride that is an escort booking.

Together we’ll break down the key ideas that will allow you to connect, experiment and grow. We’ll look at developing genuine intimacy, explore long-term client-escort relationships and experiment with ways to use your playtime for personal growth.

Advanced Clients' Masterclass

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