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Once-on-one coaching for life-changing escort experiences.

Hi, I'm Georgie! I'm an Aussie escort on a mission ... to help you have better sex.

I’m an independent escort of 8 years’ experience, based in Melbourne, I’ve also studied crisis counselling with Lifeline, published a book, and written for the Sydney Morning Herald.

Seeing escorts can be incredible. But too often I see guys having bad experiences – or being turned away – because they don’t know how to do this stuff properly.

That’s where I come in. I’ll put you on a fast track to amazing escort dates and give you the know-how you need to feel confident.

“I truly welcome the education from someone in the know, I wish I’d done this before I started.” 
M, 55

“F*ck, I love it. I can’t wait to get started on my escort ‘project’. Thanks so much for the info!”
R, 32

“I feel more sure of myself, learning that it’s ok to ask for what I want. I’m glad we talked!”
S, 46

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