Listen: the Seven Benefits of Seeing Escorts

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Lots of people think that spending time with an escort is just about getting laid, but often it involves so much more! Have a listen to this short clip, where I explain some of the other things that you might gain from an escort session.


We’re going to talk about the seven main benefits of escorts. This is where we work out pretty much what you need out of your escort date.

There are seven main benefits to seeing escorts. And you might be thinking ‘but isn’t it just about sex?” and sometimes it is, but there are also a lot of other sorts of experiences that escorts can provide. Here they are:

  • Sex – intercourse, orgasms, pleasure, that sort of stuff. And if that’s all you’re into, that’s totally okay. Touch – non-sexual touch, such as cuddling or holding hands.
  • Attention – being looked after and listened to. This is a really important benefit, especially if it’s soothing you don’t get a lot of in your everyday life.
  • Companionship – spending time with someone whose company you enjoy.
  • Fantasy – it may be that there’s a particular thing you’ve always wanted to do but have never had a chance to try. So threesomes, costumes, blondes…basically anything you fantasise about.
  • Kink – any sort of kink play, like spanking, bondage or domination.
  • Learning – this means practicing your sexual or social skills. Escorts can be a great way to do this.

You might be wondering why we do this stuff, especially if you’re keen to just go check out escorts. But it’s really important to know what you want before you actually start looking. Otherwise it’s really easy to get distracted, forget what you’re looking for and end up with someone who doesn’t suit you.

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