Checklist for a Great Escort Date

If you're new to booking escorts, this checklist can help you! Rather than feeling nervous, you'll have some solid skills and sound advice for ensuring a great experience.

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Mini-guide: the Best Escort Date of Your Life

People often worry that a date with an escort will feel awkward. This short guide, written by Australian escort Georgie Wolf, gives you useful skills for getting the most out of your escort experience. From finding the right people to making a meaningful connection ... from planning and preparation to the day afterwards ... this honest guide will give you some great starting points for an exceptional escort date. Instead of feeling nervous, you'll know how to have a great time.

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the Art of the Hook-Up

A No-Bullsh*t Guide to One-Night Stands, FWBs and Other Modern Adventures

Hook-up: a sexual encounter that's too short or too casual to be considered a romantic relationship."

We assume we're supposed to magically know all about sex. We all want the moves. But the truth is, we're not born knowing. That's what this book is for. It's an honest guide that doesn't pull punches: an explanation of casual sex and online dating designed for everyone. It gives you the sexual and psychological skills you need to have safe and rewarding encounters. With the right know-how, a great hook-up is totally do-able.