How do you get started seeing escorts?

Escorts are awesome ... but there isn’t much info on how to go about having a great escort date. I'm creating an online course that gives you the know-how you need to feel confident and have fun.

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4 Reasons Why

1.To get started

Lots of people want to see an escort, but never get started because they don't know how to go about it. I'll give you all the basics - how to find the right person, how to book, and what to expect.

2.To feel confident

Meeting someone new can be nerve-wracking. But when you know exactly how to conduct yourself, you'll feel less anxious and enjoy yourself more.

3.To have better sex

Like anything else in life, sex is a learned skill. With knowledge and practice, you can really start enjoying yourself.

4.To save money

Why spend thousands of dollars on trial-and-error encounters? With knowledge, you can get straight to the good times.

VIP Pre-Sale | Launches 1st Oct


5 Essential Topics


All the basics - how to find the right person, how to book, and what to expect.


How to find the right escort and book a date.


I'll guide you through an escort date, start to finish.


Simple skills for better sexual experiences.


How to create long-term connection and have new adventures.

VIP Pre-Sale | Launches 1st Oct


Who is Georgie Wolf?

Hi, I'm Georgie! I'm an independent Melbourne escort.

Sex work is my calling - for the past seven years I've been fulfilling fantasies, having adventures and answering the questions of my friends, followers and lovers. I've worked all around Australia, meeting guys and girls from all walks of life. I also write blogs for Scarlet Blue, one of Australia's leading escort advertising sites.

Escorts are an incredible resource for anyone who needs to feel listened to, feel sexy, learn new skills or try new things. But nobody has access to honest, information - and without knowing how, it's easy to feel scared or, worse, to waste your hard-earned dollars on an unsuccessful encounter.

I'm here to help. I have the know-how you need, delivered with a gentle sense of humour that ensures you'll never feel left behind.

VIP Pre-Sale | Launches 1st Oct


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