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I imagine that guys who are trying to make a booking with an escort for the first time often feel confused. There aren’t any places you can go to learn the rules! Unfortunately lack of experience, lack of social skills or an inappropriate attitude can ruin your chances of booking with a nice girl. Below are some helpful tips for making sure I take your inquiry seriously.

It’s a Lot Like Dating!

Booking an escort is a lot like asking a girl on a date – you want to present yourself in the best way possible. Ladies are selective about who they see, so if you aren’t polite to them they may decide they aren’t interested in your business. If you come across as polite and serious, a lady will speak to you more nicely, spend more time answering your questions and will also be more likely to accept your booking request.

Steps to Making a Booking

1. Introduce Yourself
Say “Hi, I’m Joe. I saw your ad/ website/a friend told me about you” etc. This gives us your name and an idea of where you are coming from.

2. Request a date, time and location
For example: “Are you available on Tuesday at 6pm?” This allows us to see that you are serious. Indicate where we’re going to meet – are you at a hotel or a private home? Are you wanting an incall? (Incalls aren’t available in some states by law).

3. Ask for what you want
Ask about specific services or activities that you’re interested in. Don’t be shy – we are very open-minded! If we say ‘no’ to a particular activity, please don’t be offended – everyone is different in what they like to do. NEVER try to push us into doing something, it won’t get you anywhere!

Things to Avoid

  • Inappropriate language …especially via text message! Saying “Hey babe u busy?” will not get a response from me. Obscene language is also not okay.
  • Asking questions that are already covered in my ads ….such as “how much do you charge?”
  • Asking for unsafe sex …I don’t do it and asking makes me feel that you don’t respect my health or your own. I don’t offer natural oral, and this is stated in all my ads.
  • Requesting photos …There are plenty of photos on my website,, go check them out before you contact me.
  • Last-minute or late-night bookings …I’m only available at 24 hours’ notice and I don’t answer calls or texts after 10pm.

Sticking to the guidelines above will make sure you come across as being a gentleman, help you get a booking and also make your experience more enjoyable.

An unsatisfying escort encounter wastes money and ruins confidence.

My online courses give you the facts about escorts and banish anxiety, so you can have incredible experiences.


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