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Have you ever wanted a down-to-earth female friend you could just ‘hang out with’? Are you missing some cuddle time? Do you need a cute girl for a trip to the beach? Would you prefer a real, regular lady to a ‘perfect 10’?

If you’re the kind of guy who looks for connection and companionship before becoming intimate, my ‘girlfriend for hire’ experience will be perfect for you. It’s not about high heels and glamour. It’s about spending time with someone genuine, who presents exactly as they are – a straight-talking ‘friend with benefits’.

My ‘Casual GFE’ service is NOT like my regular escort booking. It’s important to note the ways in which it will differ, to ensure you know what you’re getting yourself into… I’ve put this info together to inform you about the experience I’m offering, so that you can work out if it’s right for you.

How it Works

This service is designed to be just like a date with a real girlfriend – relaxed, casual and genuine. We can spend the day, the evening, or the whole night, together. Our date can be romantic (including full service) or platonic (with no physical contact, friends only). Either way, once you’ve chosen your date and time, and paid your deposit, we can start making some plans.

I’m available for almost any adventure you can imagine, as long as it’s safe and legal. I love outdoor sports, travel, bar-hopping, picnics, or just staying in and watching movies. You can check out this link for an extensive list of suggested activities. Please note that I’m not keen on heights (I’d give bungee jumping a miss), and if we are going anywhere in your car, I’ll require your licence and registration details beforehand.

The usual ‘fancy escort date’ prerequisites DO NOT apply here – I’m just as happy to eat out at a fast food joint as to visit a nice restaurant. I dress casually and wear sensible shoes so that we can stay out all day or evening, in any terrain.

How to Book

A minimum 24-48 hours notice is recommended. It’s best not to rush the process… the more planning the better! To make a booking, I require your mobile number, the day/time you wanted, the length of booking and your hotel name (if applicable). For intimate time, I require that you have a hotel room available. In some states I may be able to arrange an incall location for a small additional fee – please feel free to ask. I don’t visit private residences.
A 10% deposit is required to secure your booking. Once you have done this, we can also speak on the phone, or even meet in person for a coffee before the big day…

What to Expect

  • A fun day or evening, with lots of flirting and conversation
  • Casual dress code (I dress like a regular girl, please see the photo attached!)
  • Freedom to be yourself – and I’ll be myself too, so you can expect me to speak my mind
  • Lunch or dinner together (because I get hungry on dates)
  • Lots of questions: I’ll be getting to know you
  • Some intimate play-time (unless you’ve booked a platonic date). Please note I offer protected sex only (this includes oral).

How is This Different to ‘Classic GFE’ Bookings?

  • You get to see my in my ‘civvie’ clothes (sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt.)
  • You don’t get to call all the shots – this is about both of us having fun
  • I don’t want to be treated like a princess, just like a good friend
  • Intimacy happens whenever we both feel it’s right
  • Intimacy is about connection and cuddles, not sexual marathons
  • No high heels, no makeup, no expensive dresses
  • Fun and companionship is just as important as getting laid
  • Flexibility and spontaneity are welcome – let’s go on adventures!


A Day-Long Adventure $2000 (morning until evening, 8 hours) $2000
‘Social’ Day-Long Adventure (social only, no physical contact) $1000

A Night Out $1800 (6 hours)
‘Social’ Night Out (social only, no physical contact) $900

Wake Up With Me $3000 (12 hours)

Other Expenses

As the client, you’re responsible for any extra costs incurred in the course of our time together – lunch, movies, tourist attractions, etc. If you’re on a tight budget, please let me know during the planning stages so that I can make sure any suggested activities fall within your means.

A note on appropriate communication:
When we spend a lot of time together, it’s easy to feel although we’ve become old friends. This is one of my favourite aspects of longer sessions! However, I do have to attend to other business, so it’s important that our correspondence between dates is limited to discussing the next booking. Thanks for your understanding.

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